Hola! I’m Jordi Villar, a data generalist from Barcelona.

I am interested in all things related to data, open source, databases, and software engineering. I’ve been playing basketball almost my entire life, and I still try to play once a week.

Currently, I’m ClickHouse Technical Lead Tinybird.

Before my current role, I led the data efforts at Kognia Sports, a sports analytics company. Prior to that, I built and led the data science and machine learning team at Smadex, a successful ad-tech company (acquired by Entravision in 2018).

What I find most fulfilling at work, and what I’ve proven to be good at, is the ability to bring value to companies, succeed in an agile environment, and solve complex problems that help the company move forward.

I hold a Telecommunications Engineering degree (roughly equivalent to an ECE, master included) from the UPC in Barcelona.