Hi, I'm Jordi Villar from Barcelona. I'm a software engineer with more than 10 years of experience.

During the last years I have been focused on machine learning and data engineering. What I do enjoy the most and what I've proven I am good at is bringing value to companies, working in an agile environment, and solving problems that will make the company move forward.

I'm currently leading the data efforts at Kognia Sports (a sports analytics company). Building a multidisciplinary team from scratch, focused on making the most of their data and, optimizing data processes.

Prior to joining this role, I have been building and leading the data science and machine learning team at a successful ad-tech company (Smadex, acquired by Headway in 2018). Working side by side with a team of engineers, we developed algorithms that drive automated pricing and high-frequency bidding on real-time auctions, able to run at scale.

I have been working in big companies and startups, which allowed me to gain experience in multidisciplinary areas.

I hold a Telecommunications Engineering degree (roughly equivalent to an ECE, master included) from the UPC in Barcelona.